Below are some quick links of the software and tips discussed in today’s VFCC course, Multimedia Authoring:

Reflector App:

Share your computer screen from anywhere to a MAC or Windows Machine:

Importing Media/Photos from the iPhone to a MAC:

  • iPhoto – Quick and Easy and Built-in
  • iMage Capture – Quicker and Easier (Less Distraction) and Built-in

Better Video Capture with your iPhone:

Using HDR with your iPhone:

How to Take Better Photos: 

The Beginner’s Guide to using your iPhone Camera:

Creative Commons Licensing:

Clearing Mechanical Licenses:

Screen Capture on the MAC:

  • Command+Shift+3 – Full Screen Capture
  • Command+Shift+4 – Select Region Capture
  • Skitch (The best MAC capture app IMHO)

Saving Images from the Web via a MAC:

  • CTRL+Click – Save As Menu (Single Button Mouse)
  • Right Click – Save As Menu
  • Drag the image from the web browser to your Desktop/Folder (Yes, it works!)


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