iPads and Social Media

Wednesday’s class involved working with iPads and seeing the advantages of social media for elementary music educators. Each music educator in the class received (on loan) an iPad that had numerous music apps that I use in my classroom. We explored a variety of the apps and discussed how to utilize them in the elementary music classroom. Some of our favorite apps were: day3 copy

  1. Flashnote Derby – Flashnote Derby is a fun way for kids to learn and practice identifying music notes by name. Price: .99 Uses: Great way to assess students on note reading skills.
  2. GarageBand – Virtual instruments, smart instruments, and recording studio all in one. Price: $4.99 Uses: Used as a recording device and/or as a creating music device by teacher and students. Teachers can also use it as a virtual instrument. An example was using the smart guitar to accompany myself singing children’s tunes so that they could be posted on my school’s website so parents of early childhood students could singing along with our class songs.
  3. iDoceo – iDoceo is your new powerful and easy to use gradebook for the iPad. Its spreadsheet engine will calculate averages in real time as you put information in. No internet connection is required to use it. Uses: Grading, assessments, record your students, seating charts, attendance, and so much more!
  4. Note Squish – Learn to read music the fun way with Note Squish. This simple game will teach you the names of the notes on the treble, bass, and C-clef.  Price: .99 Uses: You can customize this game to your curriculum. If your students are studying a pentatonic C Scale, you can customize this game accordingly.

We explored more apps. To see some more, please visit my website and click on “iPods/iPads.”

We also explored the benefits of social media in the music classroom. We explored wikispaces and discovered how the education version can be used as a classroom website. We also showed how our class’s wikisite is collaborative as we began posting our assignments on our pages. On a side note, Wikispaces recently added more benefits for educators such as assessments and assignments. We also discussed the advantages of connecting with other music educators through facebook groups, twitter, skyping classrooms, reading blogs, and more. We ended the day working on our final projects.

Thursday will be filled with technology and curriculum: How it all can fit together.


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