Morning Class: Digital Audio

Today, we utilized Audacity and GarageBand in our morning class. We used Audacity to remove vocals from a pop song, we slowed the tempo and changed the key of a recorder song, and we created a medley. We also went over how to export the file and import it into iTunes to be able to burn it onto a CD. In GarageBand we experimented how to create music with loops and recording an audio track. I displayed many of my students’ composition/GarageBand works found on my website and showed how I was using GarageBand to assist with preparation for our concerts.

Evening Class: SMART Boards

During our evening class, we learned and experimented with the basics of the SMART Board and then went on to see the advanced aspects of it. We ended this with sorting through a variety of free SMART Board lessons for music educators written by music educators.

The class is doing aday2 wonderful job absorbing all of this technology and asking great questions about applications of tech in the music class and the philosophy of tech in education. I am excited to see how tomorrow plays out as we experiment with a variety of iPad apps and create a basic wikispace page that many could use in their classrooms this coming school year.

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