Session Title: Paint and Hear Your World: Graphics, Video, and Audio Made Easy

Top 10 Tips for Amazing Pictures via Kodak (Find the Kodak Article Here)

  1. Look your subject in the eye
  2. Use a plain background
  3. Use Flash outdoors
  4. Move in close
  5. Move it from the middle
  6. Lock the focus
  7. Know your flash’s range
  8. Watch the light
  9. Take some vertical pictures
  10. Be a Picture Director

A SUPER-QUICK Copyright Primer:

  • Public Domain (Free -Free to use)
  • Copyrighted/All Rights Reserved (NOT Free to use)
  • Creative Commons (Free to use in specified ways)

Fair-use in the classroom:

  • Rule of Thumb: Assume copyright in all cases
  • Rule of Thumb: Always attribute images/works
  • Rule of Thumb: You’ll likely be fine using something as long as you limit usage to only in class
  • Rule of Thumb: If you post a work (not yours) in a public accessible venue (think Internet), you’ve violated copyright

Creative Commons Primer:

Great places to find allowable images for most circumstances:

  1. Free Digital Photos –
  2. Every Stock Photo –
  3. Stockvault –
  4. Free Range –
  5. Wikimedia Commons –
  6. –
  7. Microsoft –
  8. Open Clipart –
  9. Google – Advanced Image Search –

 Image Capture from Web:

  • Right-click, “save as” – Windows
  • Ctrl-click, “save as” – Mac
  • Drag image to desktop -both
  • Snipping Tool – Windows (built-in)
  • Command+Shift+3 or 4 -Whole Screen/Part of Screen
  • Skitch – Mac and Windows

Best online (and mobile device) Photo Editor:

Best Online Photo/Video Maker:

Best and most Reliable Online Video Editing:

Get a Zoom/Audio Meter for your Video Recorder on your iPhone (App Store):

  • MoviePro: Video Recorder ($1.99)

Great Online Audio Editor:

Best Video Converters:


  • DropItTo.Me – Great way to mass-send pictures or files to one of your accounts

Clinic PDF Handouts:

Front side:
[gview file=””]

Reverse side:
[gview file=””]



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