Integrating With 3rd Grade Social Studies: “Adventure America”

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This week, the third graders will be presenting their annual “Adventure America” where the third graders present about facts of the states that they researched and studied. The students will each set up their info at a table set up in our Performing Arts Center as parents and older students filter through to stop, listen and ask questions to the students about the facts that they learned about their state. It is an amazing sight and I learn so much about our 50 states by listening and asking questions of our third graders.

To integrate this into music class, I perform two activities. The first is a performance integration as the students will sing at the end of the presentations. We sing Ray Charles’s Fifty Nifty and Teresa Jenning’s “Lights of Freedom” or “Allegiance Rap.” This activity highlights the NAfME’s first national standard, but to truly integrate with social studies, I have the students work in groups using to compose an 8-measure melody utilizing the notes B A and G and the rhythms whole, dotted half, half, and quarter notes and rests. The melodies are exported as midi files and imported into GarageBand. I assign them a style and they create accompaniments to their melodies. Once they are finished, I print out their melodies and they write lyrics to their melodies from the facts they learned about their individual states. In essence, they are creating their own short state song. This activity was performed in groups with five laptops. When they wrote their lyrics, they did that individually using a pencil and a hard copy of their melody. We end the unit by having them perform their newly composed melodies on their recorders.

The students thoroughly enjoy this activity and when it is completed, I post their music on my website so that they can visit it and show it to their parents.

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