The Copyright Alert System (CAS) goes active this week.  CAS was organized and championed by the Recording and Film Industry and targets consumers using peer-to peer (P2P) software.   What it means to you is that if your IP address is indicated in any illegal sharing of copyrighted materials via a participating ISP, you will be subject to notification and then discipline (mitigation).

CAS Six-Strike Policy:

The CAS six-strike policy consists of a leveled, or tiered, response and being flagged for misuse as identified by the CAS policies.  For the first two infringements (flags) you will be be notified of the suspected infringement via your ISP;  the first two notifications have been deemed as “educational warnings”.  The third and fourth strike will require the customer to acknowledge the warnings received.  The final two strikes can be expected to lead toward “mitigation” measures from the ISP.

CAS Mitigation Measures:

CAS mitigation measures include:

  • Temporary reductions in of Internet speeds (throttling)
  • Redirection to a specific landing page upon opening an Internet Browser
  • Required reading of related copyright information and copyright tutorials
  • Forced contact with the ISP to discuss the matters

ISPs, under no circumstances, are allowed to terminate your service regardless of the number of strikes received, but are allowed to apply any or all of the mitigation remedies at their disposal.

ISPs that are participating at the CAS launch:

  1. AT&T
  2. Cablevision Systems Corp.
  3. Comcast Corp.
  4. Time Warner Cable
  5. Verizon

Content Owners that are participating at the CAS launch:

  1. MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.)
  2. – Walt Disney Studios
  3. – Paramount Pictures Corp.
  4. -Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
  5. -20th Century Fox Film Corp.
  6. -Universal City Studios LLC
  7. -Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
  8. RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America, Inc.)
  9. -UMG Recordings Inc.
  10. -Warner Music Group
  11. -Sony Music Entertainment
  12. -EMI Music North America


The primary ISP account holder may appeal any allegation(s) from the CAS for a $35.00 fee and the appeal must be made with 14 calendar days of receiving a “mitigation alert”.   This fee will be refunded if the account holder wins their appeal.

Further Resources about CAS:

YouTube – The copyright Alert System Video:

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Resources for finding legal ways to access your favorite music (as listed by the CAS/Copyright Information Center):

Center4CopyrightInfo on Twitter:

What is P2P?

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