Music Sales Group launches MusicFirstTM,  a new Digital Education Division

February 13, 2013, New York, NY – Music Sales Group, an international family of publishing companies, announces the launch of its new digital education division, MusicFirstTM. MusicFirst offers teachers and their students easy-to-use, affordable, cloud-based solutions that enable music learning, creation, assessment, sharing and exploration on any internet-enabled device.

The MusicFirst team  are music educators with decades of experience integrating technology effectively into the musiccurriculum.Lead by music education veteran Dr. James Frankel, MusicFirst provides handpicked software solutions in all the key areas of music education: notation, sequencing and music production, music theory, music performance, music learning and appreciation.  These include respected products: Noteflight, O-Generator, Soundation, Musition, Auralia, Charanga Music World, Focus on Sound, Inside Music, Music Delta, Naxos Music Library, and more.

“Now every music student can have access to the tools they need to learn and create music,” noted Dr. James Frankel. “Our  education technology experts know what works and offer advice,and training on the best tools available today to help music educator’s to teach better.”  MusicFirst’s solutions are cloud-based. Instead of purchasing a boxed software product and having it installed on a school computer, cloud-based software lives online and is accessed by any device with a web browser. This allows teachers and students to use state-of-the-art software tools on any computer, iPad, smartphone, laptop, or even a Smart Board, at any time.

With cloud-based software, all teacher and student work is saved in the cloud, making assessment easy and convenient. And because the software lives online, it is constantly upgraded to the most recent version without the involvement of an IT department. Every student in a school’s program can have access to the latest software and their work at any time for a fraction of the cost one would pay for site licenses and individual copies of software.

MusicFirst’s website,, offers direct sales of these software solutions. MusicFirst will exhibit and conduct workshops at several upcoming music education conferences including the Texas, New Jersey, and Massachusetts Music Education Conferences.

MusicFirst can be reached toll free at 855-896-3344, or at Visit the website to learn more:

About MusicFirst

MusicFirst is the Digital Education Division of the Music Sales Group, and officially launched in February 2013. Dr. Jim Frankel serves as the Head of Digital Education for Music Sales Group and is the Director of MusicFirst (

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Music Sales Corporation is part of the Music Sales Group, an international family of publishing companies with interests in six main areas of music: copyrights, music publishing, book publishing, digital publishing, digital education, music retailing, sales and distribution. Headquartered in London,  Music Sales has 12 office worldwide,  including New York and LA.

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