Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 11.02.48 AMI am so excited to be heading to the Technology for Music Education/Texas Music Educators Association (TI:ME/TMEA) annual conference in San Antonio, Texas this week. This will be my fourth time attending a conference in San Antonio and I just love the city more and more each time I attend. TMEA is expecting over 26,000 participants. It is an amazing conference due to the amount of resources, the amount of sessions, the excellent presenters and the location, that it is one of those conferences that every music educator should attend at least once in their career.

On Wednesday, February 13, TI:ME will be hosting the pre-conference day in the Foyer Rooms 201-204 from 8 am to 3 pm. This day will be devoted to sessions involving music technology in music education. However, TI:ME’s presence will be felt throughout the entire conference as the music education/music technology sessions will be held on every day of the conference. There are numerous sessions for every aspect of teaching. You can catch Catie Dwinal and my session on music technology in elementary music classroom (2-3 on Wednesday in CC 201), or Rick Dammers, Marjorie Lopresti, and VJ Manzo’s presentation about the 2011 NJ student music tech expo, or Barbara Freedman’s session on GarageBand (TI:ME 2012 Teacher of the Year).You can end Wednesday by attending the TI:ME reception and meeting the presenters from the day and learning about TI:ME.Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 11.04.35 AM

Continue to learn as you head into Thursday by attending sessions such as the Orff and early childhood music sessions, Sandi MacLeod’s Composition in the Cloud session, the TI:ME Keynote Address by Dave Sebald, Denise Gagne’s SMART recorder session, and Richard McCready and Joe Pisano’s iPad session for improvisation apps.

On Friday, there are more wonderful sessions such as iPads for special learners presented by Richard McCready (TI:ME 2013 Teacher of the Year), my session on iPads in the elementary music classroom (11-12 CC 202), the 12:30 presentation of the TI:ME Teacher of the Year and the TI:ME Business Meeting directed by TI:ME President Jay Dorfman, or the 12:30 presentations of Sally Albrecht or a Jeff and Randy Orff session (at the same time!) and of course, ending the afternoon with the John Jacobson session or the Jeff and Randy Orff session (they occur at the same time!).

On Saturday, check out Jim Frankel’s sessions on Cloud computing and online music ed resources. Do not forget the many outstanding concerts that occur daily and the TMEA featured clinicians. When you have the time, get lost in the exhibit center, literally. There are many vendors so bring your classroom wish list and check out items or bring your mouthpiece and try out instruments. But, most of all, come to TI:ME/TMEA to rejuvenate your teaching, network with other amazing educators, obtain more resources, shop, enjoy warmer weather (for those of us continuously hit by winds, rain, and snow that we will be teaching until the very end of June), visit the alamo, eat amazing guacamole, walk the riverwalk, and most of all, to come away with new lessons, tools, and techniques.

The twitter hashtags are #time13 and #time13/#tmea13. Click here to see info on all of the sessions.

Hope to see you there!


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