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Sight Reading Factory

Sight Reading Factory 2.0

GraceNotes LLC is excited to announce the release of  SightReadingFactory.com 2.0. Sight Reading Factory is an innovative music composition engine that generates sight reading and sight singing exercises at multiple levels of difficulty. Subscribers have access to virtually infinite amounts of sight reading material that is newly composed based on the user’s customization. Because the music is computer generated and composed instantly, the user will never run out of new, never-before-seen music to sight read. The sight reading and sight singing exercises produced are governed by many rules so that they make musical sense in that they are rhythmically, harmonically and tonally appealing. In other words, although the music is computer-generated, it still sounds like real music!

Sight Reading Factory 2.0 features many enhancements and additions including: full ensemble sight reading, educator and student accounts, music configuration and audio playback improvements, and a completely revamped design that is clearer, cleaner, and easier to use.

The sight reading exercises for concert band, string orchestra, and choir offer the music educator an excellent way to teach and practice sight reading for the entire ensemble. The music can be projected to the front of the classroom using a SMARTBoard or digital video projector. Educators can save time from having to choose music to sight read, hand it out, collect it and then file it away. Practicing the important skill of sight reading can now be done quickly and easily as new exercises can be generated with a few simple clicks.

Educators can now also purchase accounts for their students at a discounted rate. This is a great option for music teachers who wish to give their students the opportunity to practice and improve their sight reading skills with access to Sight Reading Factory anytime, anywhere, and on any device that has an internet connection. For students who are practicing for honor band auditions that have sight reading requirements, Sight Reading Factory is a great resource to help them prepare. For more information on student accounts, please visit the Educators Page and Pricing Page.

Visit SightReadingFactory.com  to try out the free demo.


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