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Get it while it’s hot.













This post is time-sensitive!  With the run up to the Holidays there are a number of apps which are running specials.  If you have an iPhone or iPad, you may want to take advantage of some of these great discounts and freebies.  Also, if you hear of anything, please let us all know by posting in the comments below, and on the facebook Music Teachers’ page –

  • All APS apps are on ridiculous sale.  These are a must-have for any music educator.  APS Musicmaster is the iPhone’s Swiss Army knife of music education – metronome, tuner, digital recorder, glossary, pdf reader.  Currently it’s on sale at $1.99 which is a no-brainer.  APS Musicmaster Pro, the iPad version is now $4.99, another total steal.  APS Tuning Trainer, which is a one-of-a-kind app for training your ears to differentiate pitches, is just $1.99.
  • The Amazing Slow Downer, usually a $15 app is currently FREE.  When they say “amazing” it’s not hyperbole – it really is jaw-droppingly brilliant.  Don’t delay, get it today.  Joe Pisano and I will be demonstrating this app as part of our “iPad for Improvisation” session at TIME/TMEA 2013.  ***DANG – as of 5:30 p.m. EST, the free window has expired.  I’ll keep an eye out in case they put it on sale again.
  • iGrand Piano, from IK Multimedia is currently on 50% sale, at $9.99.  This app is well worth the money as you get 17 full 88-note pianos, with fantastic sounds.   There is a free version, but it only has two pianos, and you don’t get all 88 notes.   Get the full version while you can.
  • DM1, one of the best Drum Machine apps out there, and usually listed by Apple as one of the showcase apps, is currently FREE, though it’s usually $6.99.  I have no clue how long this sale will last, but go for it – soon!

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Richard McCready is a composer, musician, and the Director of Music Technology at River Hill High School in Columbia, Maryland.  He was born in Northern Ireland and studied tuba performance, piano, and composition at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, England.  Since emigrating to the US in 1992, he has held teaching positions at The Park School of Baltimore, Towson University, and Mayfield Woods Middle School, Elkridge, MD; he has also played professionally with the Monumental Brass Quintet, the Lexington Brass Quintet, and the Denhard/McCready Duo.  He has earned two Masters degrees from Towson University, one in tuba performance and one in vocal performance.  He plays many musical instruments, but the focus of his teaching is Music Technology in which he is widely regarded as one of the outstanding innovators in the US.  His book, Making Music with GarageBand and Mixcraft, was published in 2010. Richard was awarded the TI:ME 2013 Mike Kovins Teacher of the Year Award and also the Howard County 2013 Music Educator of the Year.