1.  The tuba player that was wide awake in your class on Monday is now fast asleep in the same class on Tuesday.

2.  The freshman piccolo player who was 4′ 9″ tall on the last day before summer is now a 6′ 2″ sophomore.

3.  Every player in the percussion ensemble has two sticks, but nobody can remember which hands to hold them in.

4.  The defensive line of the football team is actually last year’s entire marching snare section.

5.  The kid who hoodwinked Guidance into believing he was ready for Guitar IV can actually only play one chord.

6.  The entire freshman chorus is convinced that life is just one big long episode of “Glee”.

7.  64 kids have signed up to audition for orchestra leader, and you know that at least half of them are viola players.

8.  The students examine the fresh install of brand new up-to-date software in the Music Tech lab and complain that “it’s all so last year”.

9.  The jazz band trumpeters have all dyed their hair white to look like Maynard.

10.  You realize that despite all the challenges that your students bring with them each day to school, you actually have the best job in the World, and you are thankful.



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