This past week, one of my colleagues posted “You Might Be In the First Week of School If…” By Megan Allen on her Facebook status. It is an honest, yet hilarious post about what most teachers experience during their first week of school. It inspired me to write the following post:

You Might Be Teaching the First Week of Elementary General Music if…

  1. You are hugged by little ones who think that you are a rock star (and I know that many of you are…).
  2. A young child “baptizes” your new music room carpet. “No worries” is my motto for when this happens.
  3. Your organizational skills improve greatly by the end of the first week because your music cart can fit an entire music classroom on it.
  4. You hear a new song in passing and begin to wonder if it would be the right fit for your classroom or your next concert.
  5. You know you could earn a gold medal for how quickly you can get to the bathroom, use the bathroom and get back to your classroom in two minutes (and the bathroom is not near your music room).
  6. You cannot stop singing the same children’s songs that you swore you would never sing again…and you are smiling about that.
  7. You are looking at the way your students move to music and realizing that some will be needed to be placed at the bottom of the riser for the fear that they might fall off of the riser at the first concert.
  8. You lose your voice by the second day.
  9. You remember that this would be a great time to break out your amazing new water bottle that you received when you went to that wonderful John Jacobson, or John Feierabend, or Orff, or Kodaly, or Denise Gagne, or Quaver Music, or Silver Burdett, or “insert name here” conference from this past summer.
  10. You love your job! Personally, teaching elementary general music means that you teach students who are little sponges and love music as much as you do.

I sincerely hope that you are all off to a great start this school year!

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