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Can QR Codes be useful for the performing arts?  YOU-BETCHA!   QR codes now make it possible to make posters and print-based advertisements that may be “heard”.   The concept is simple… post something that you have the rights to anywhere on the web (for instance and create a print-based poster containing a QR Code that “links” people directly to the audio file!   It’s that simple!

on MusTech.Net:

For instance here is a QR-Code (generated here at MusTech.Net) that will link you directly to SoundCloud and Travis Weller’s American Visions composition.  Scan it with any QR Code reader and you will be automatically sent to the audio file and prompted to play it immediately.  It’s that simple.  (…find a QR Code reader for your device in the “Explore Further” section at the end of this post)

American Visions, Travis J. Weller

American Visions, Travis J. Weller (Scan to hear it!)

What is a QR-Code?  “QR” or “QRC” is short for “Quick Response Code”.   It is, BY FAR, the most universal way to connect the “old-school” print-world to the new Web 2.0/Social media digital-world of today.    You will see QR codes on everything from Heinz Ketchup bottles and Pepsi Cups to the walls and posters in the Best Buy stores.   QR codes are not going away and it’s time that we, in the music arts, begin to use them more effectively (or for the very first time!) in our public relation endeavors.

In Music Education courses all over the world, imagine collaborating with the/your arts dept. to create an interactive art-show where students post original artwork that contains a QR code to original student music compositions (or existing compositions of your own or via products such as Spotify) for a new cross-collaborative and immersive experience!    How about making a printable document for parents and the community containing scannable QR codes to online-based music works of your students?   Create a customized “QRC linked” listening experience for your students or add QRC audio examples for them to listen on their paper-based handouts… the possibilities are endless!

My good friend Dr. Charles Jackson is now using QR codes within his school music dept. as part of his “Join the Band ” recruitment-signs.  The signs direct interested students and parents to an online folder (dropbox-based) containing examples of the school’s band playing various charts.   He’s also using QR code-based wall posters to direct parents to more information about the school’s music programs via posters and handouts.

Grove City College is posting QR codes in much of its literature this year directing anyone interested to more information about our professors, programs, and up-coming concerts and recitals.  As a Public Relations (PR) tool, QR codes are the best thing that has happened to “print” since “color” (and certainly more useful from the “interconnection of information” viewpoint).

on MusTech.Net:

Composer, Travis J. Weller, is currently compiling a PDF and printable poster that will direct all those interested in his compositions to online recordings and information about his various pieces.  Did I mention that possibiliteis are endless???  Let us know in the comment section below what you are doing (or will be doing) with QR codes as it relates to music and music education!

Below is an example of how a QR code could be  used in departmental poster advertisement (click/touch image to enlarge):

Grove City Advertisement-QR Example

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