A week ago, a great (and in-depth) discussion that centered around elementary classroom ideas on started in the Facebook Music Teachers Group.  The discussion focused around how elementary music teachers were setting up their classrooms and the types of items and “crafty things” that they had and were using inside of them.   It wasn’t long before “we” decided it would be a great idea to start a Pinterest board, curated by Elementary Music Teachers, that showed-off the “coolest of the cool” with regard to their classrooms and ideas for the items within them.   This “new” board has already expanded to 50 “pins” posted on it with a dozen+ music teachers contributing to the board.

You can find the “Elementary Music Classroom Ideas” Pinterest Board directly here: https://mustech.net/go/epin

The following text is the description of the group: “This is a board containing pictures of and from Music Education Classrooms from around the world – Posted by Music & Arts Educators Around the world! | Pictures of Amazing Music Classrooms and Creative Things in Them! (not for lesson plan ideas, etc.)”

The following is a screen snapshot of the group (click/touch to enlarge):

The Elementary Music Classroom Ideas Pinterest Group

The Elementary Music Classroom Ideas Pinterest Group

The following is an embed of one of the cool “pins”:

Source: via Rick on Pinterest


If you are a music teacher and interested in sharing your “Elementary Music Classroom Ideas” by becoming a “pinner” in our Pinterest Group, please let us know on the Music Teacher’s Facebook Group or by contacting one of the “pinners” already pinning on this unique board.   Please share this board with your music teacher friends and pre-service music teachers -it’s a great place to go to for great ideas for the elementary music classroom!


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