I think most of the readers at MusTech.Net know that I’m an avid SmartMusic and Finale fan.  I have performed many clinics and training sessions focused on the software (some on behalf of MakeMusic).  I’ve also written about the various MakeMusic products (I have a  number of related MakeMusic-resource posts on MusTech.Net including here and here) and use them in my college courses with my students at Grove City.

It looks as though SmartMusic is having a “back to school” (un-announced on their main website pages yet?) special for Educators and Students with savings through a bundled deal that contains SmartMusic (with access to the SmartMusic Gradebook for Educators), Finale (Full-Academic Version), and a Free USB instrumental mic.   The total, “bundled”, sale price for students or teachers is listed at $299.00.   This is a savings of over 40% for teachers and 25% for students!

I’m not sure how long the sale is going to go for and frankly, there isn’t much information about it posted on their site(s); however, if you ‘ve been wanting to get these products -it seems like now would be a great time.   The link to the “back to school” special can be found directly here:

The following is a comparison of the typical pricing for finale compared with listed bundled pricing:

Teacher’s Bundle:
  • Academic Pricing for Finale: $350.00 – Bundled Price: $201.00
  • SmartMusic Educator Subscription: $141.00 – Bundled Price: $81.00
  • USB Mic: $29.95 – Bundled Price: $17.00
    TOTAL Price: $299.00 (40% Discount)
Student’s Bundle:
  • Academic Pricing for Finale: $350.00  –  Bundled Price: $252.00
  • Smart Music Regular Subscription: $36.00 – Bundled Price: $25.00
  • USB Mic: $29.95 – Bundled Price: $22.00
    TOTAL Price: $299.00  (25% Discount)
Please spread the word to all of you teacher and music students friends (try some of the social media links around this post)!
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