If it’s the A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro… just about anything… 

I’m very excited with our latest A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro update.
…Frankly, it’s amazing.

A.P.S. MusicMaster ipad Music App

Before I list all the things that you can do with the A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro for iPad , I’m posting the “flashing-headliners and info” first:

  • Find this app directly here: A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro on iTunes
  • It’s now 20% off  for a VERY short time in celebration of our Version 2.0 launch.  (Yes, it’s still a free update to everyone that already owns it!)  The 20% sale price is good until Noon (EST) on August 30th (if you want it, now is a great time!).   After the short-sale, we will be offering it at a “back to school” price for the entire month of September (%10 off)!
  • Yes, it does have a little “brother” for the iPhone.  It’s called A.P.S. MusicMaster and you can find it directly here: A.P.S. MusicMaster on iTunes
  • We’ve updated this app 9 times!  We are committed to making it, and all of our apps, the best that they can be.  Please help us spread the word about them.
Now, back to the original question…
So, what can one iPad Music App do for you as a Teacher or Director?  Here is a short list of what A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro offers:


Main Screen:

  • Demonstrate the Circle of 5ths
  • Demonstrate the Circle of 4ths
  • Play Major Chords
  • Play Minor Chords
  • Play example chord progressions


  • Tune your band
  • Tune yourself
  • Demonstrate flat and sharp on the “big screen” with an easy to read (and elegant) tuner
  • Calibrate from A=420 to A=460 (explain calibration while your at it…)
  • Play pitches via the “pitch pipe”
  • Sing and match tuning pitches
  • Keep it on your podium and observe your group (it’s so BIG you can’t help but view it out of the corner of your eye)


  • Demonstrate time signatures
  • Demonstrate beat speeds
  • Recall up to 5 preset tempos
  • Hear it and See it
  • See it and NOT hear it

Audio Module:

  • Record yourself
  • Record your group
  • Record your conversations
  • Record at different qualities
  • Change your mic recording level to adjust for levels
  • E-mail your recordings
  • Upload them to Soundcloud
  • Share them with Twitter or Facebook
  • Play anything from your music library
  • Play anything you’ve recorded
  • Name your recordings or change the names

Stopwatch Module:

  • Time your piece
  • Time your set
  • Time your concert
  • Time your Marching Band show
  • Time how long you talk on the podium
  • Time how much you rehearse vs. how much you talk
  • Send a table of all of your timings to anybody (including yourself) via e-mail -complete with names and times


  • Look up string fingering charts
  • Look up brass fingering charts
  • Read the A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro User’s Guide (there’s an idea!)
  • Find out common instrument ranges or transpositions
  • Look up common translations of musical terms
  • Browse the 40 PAS drum rudiments
  • View any of the glossaries in Landscape mode
  • Look up score orders
  • View hundres of pages of Music Theory (compliments of MusicTheory.Net)
  • Learn about Vocal ranges

Score PDF:

  • Store thousands of pages of music (or any other PDF document)
  • Categorize them into folders
  • Print them via AirPrint
  • Sort them by alphabet
  • Sort them by date
  • View them in list view
  • View them in thumbnail view
  • Markup any PDF with a pen
  • Markup any PDF with a highlighter
  • Store your forms and have your students sign them right on your iPad
  • Lock your documents, so you can’t mess up the important ones
  • Listen to your own audio files from the audio module or any in your music library while you browse your scores
  • E-mail your documents with or without changes that you’ve made
  • Bookmark your pages for quick review
  • Use quick-links to put in your 1st and 2nd endings
  • Use quick-links to mark your coda
  • Add annotations
  • Put your PDFs up on the “big screen” via air-mirroring AND use the built-in laser pointer to highlight interesting sections of your music
  • Erase, redo, and undo something
  • View your markings or choose not to view your markings with the eye-tool
  • Perform music directly off of your iPad and scan ahead with the quick-slider that shows a thumbnail preview of other pages
  • Import PDFs into Score PDF from just about everywhere including e-mail and Dropbox
  • Use it as a whiteboard (greenboard or any other color-board)


  • View your calendar(s) without leaving the program
  • Input dates in your calendar without leaving the program
  • Lookup your rehearsal schedule (without leaving the program…)

Internet Module:

  • Bookmark and recall URLs that you use in rehearsal
  • Save any PDF from a URL directly into Score PDF
  • Show anything on the Internet (without leaving the program)


  • Take notes from any module in the program about whatever your working on (rehearsal notes)
  • E-mail your notes to anybody

…all this and I’m just scratching the surface!

This app was made by music teachers and directors for all musicians… not just for teachers or directors -it’s just as great for students as it is for professionals.  

Feel free to let me know how you are using this amazing music app in the comment section below.


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