Help ANIMUSIC!If you haven’t seen the wondrous works from the folks at ANIMUSIC, you’ve missed out on some of the most incredible mix of animation and music that has ever been created.   ANIMUSIC needs our help and I’m only too glad to give it.   I’ve been in love with the ANIMUSIC products since I first laid eyes on them.    I’m a BIG fan and I LOVE it!    As a matter of fact, I’ve referenced ANIMUSIC in many of music courses at the college and still use it to get pre-schoolers and college students alike excited about the possibilities of mixed digital media.  ANIMUSIC, literally, is an amazing product that is both completely entertaining and able to be used for educational purposes as well (albeit it truly is a pure joy as entertainment alone! –> see the bottom of the post for educational tips/guides for the ANIMUSIC products).

The mission stated for ANIMUSIC is “to bring joy and inspiration to people through computer-animated instrumental music“.  They’ve succeeded. Mission accomplished.  Now, they need our help.

ANIMUSIC has recently started a KICKSTARTER, fund-raising, campaign to raise $200,000 for their third DVD(Blu-Ray?).  They’ve invested in the software and hardware to make this project a reality, but need a little help to keep it alive and make it to the finish line.

They’ve completed a number of items for ANIMUSIC 3 already:

  • Music (core)
  • Pipeline (new)
  • Model Components
  • Art Development
…and still have a lot yet to do:
  • Music Integration
  • Animation
  • Lights & Cameras
  • Rendering
  • Author/Master
  • Replication

With over 600,000 units of ANIMUSIC 1 and 2 sold (and millions of people that have seen and LOVE these amazing works), there is little doubt that they have the “grass-roots” people available to help out and make this happen for them.   For this reason, I’m writing and posting this information: to help kickstart (and mobilize) their project in a viral way among the readers of MusTech.Net and those associated with our Personal Learning Networks and Online Social Spheres.

They only have 28 days left to raise the money and are already 10% of the way toward their goal.   If you are a fan of ANIMUSIC, please consider spreading the word about this worthy project AND donate toward the release… I KNOW (and you do too) that it will be worth it.

View their KICKSTARTER Video:

Donate Directly:

View and buy their existing products:

Download the TEACHER guides for ANIMUSIC 1 and 2 (partially written by our good friend Dr. Jim Frankel):

By ALL MEANS please help us spread the word about this:

  • Tweet it on Twitter -use hashtag #animusic and #saveanimusic
  • Like and Share it on Facebook
  • Post it on G+
  • Spread it by any form of Social Media
  • Blog about it
  • Get creative!

You can start by using any of the social media buttons on this page to share this post and/or you can use the EMBED and Social Media functions found on their KICKSTARTER page.   I am completely confident they will make their goal IF we help get the word out to those that already LOVE these products and introduce many more to them through this campaign.

Carpe Diem!

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