I had the pleasure to author an article for the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) August’s issue of Southwestern Musician Online. My article titled Engage Your Music Students with Today’s Technology addresses how to enhance your elementary music classroom with technology for a one computer classroom, to a music classroom with an interactive whiteboard, to a music classroom that has access to iPads. An excerpt from this article:

When I present on various ways to integrate technology into the current elementary music curriculum, I am often presented with the concern that since most elementary students have access to technology at home, why would we use it in the music classroom? One reason that I utilize technology as a one of my teaching tools is because my students can greatly relate to it. We are now teaching students who have always played with an iPod or knew of someone who has an iPod. Students have no fear of technology and schools are adopting the “21st Century Classroom,” and are adopting more tools such as iPads and interactive whiteboards and such philosophies as the flipped classroom.

This article features numerous resourceful links, ideas and strategies to utilizing technology in the elementary music classroom. Please take a read at this link and go to page 38.

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