Welcome to MusTech.Net 2.0!

I’m very excited to announce the launch of MusTech.Net into this new format and to inform you all of a number of new changes with the site!  To start with (insert drum-roll…), please join me in welcoming Amy M. Burns and Richard A. McCready as full-time contributors and partners with MusTech.Net!

This is the fourth major upgrade/change to MusTech.Net since I started it in 2005 (at that time it was jpisano.com/blog) and also the first time that I’ve had additional, non-guest, authors as part of the MusTech.Net team.  Having Amy and Richard as partners of the site now allows for an even more rich experience for all of its readership.   MusTech.Net has been championing all things Music, Music Education, and Music Technology for almost seven years and it gets better with each change!

I’ve been fortunate to have known Richard and Amy for a number of years and have worked with both of them in organizations and as co-authors on many projects.   Most recently I’ve worked with Amy under her Presidency as the Vice-President of TI:ME and Richard and I collaborated on an amazing, free, project for the 2012 Music in our Schools Month (MIOSM). I can attest that they are both among the smartest and most creative people that I know and that you can expect some amazing things coming out of our collaborative efforts on MusTech.Net.

The new site still has some migrations to take place and those will be happening over the course of this summer.  It’s already shaping up very nicely and being re-organized in ways to make the information contained on here more accesible and easier to find.  When it’s finished, it will be “sparkling” with gems for musicians of every kind.

We also will be integrating a number of “new” social-media integrations to help spread the word about our content including the MusTech.Net Fan Page on Facebook.  I started a FB page for the site years ago, but had never implemented it publicly.  It’s now live and if you have the chance, please “Like” us on Facebook to help us kick start the page.

In addition to a whole “slew” of new posts coming from our team, expect MusTech.Net to continue to highlight and implement both established Music Organizations and Independent Music Ed. Bloggers and Websites.   Again, there are a whole-host of things coming to this site for the 2012-2013 school year!  It’s getting very exciting…

As always, please feel free to comment in the discussion box below or join us in our on-going discussions on the FB Music Teachers Group or Twitter. 

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