Many of you know that I frequently talk about the ease of the video tool Animoto in my lectures and clinics.  It’s also one of the tools that I love to show my students and colleagues because of the “WOW” factor.   Found at , there are both free versions and low-cost versions of this amazing movie generator and I encourage everyone to consider using it for their own public relations efforts and video needs.

I made the following short video for use at the 2012 Pennsylvania Music Educator’s Associaion (PMEA) conference this year and it was displayed as a video backdrop for our college booth there.   The content features a number of photos of our college’s Choirs, Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Bands, Orchestra, Wind-Ensemble, and various small-ensembles.

The time to create this video was minimal in comparison to the effect and result and, I believe, this video is an excellent example of what can be done with Animoto from the perspective of ensemble and department media publication needs.

The Grove City College Music Experience:


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