Music Education Motivation Day (#musedmot) starts and finishes today.   I’m excited to be a part of something so innovative.    Catherine Dwinal (Catie) started the idea for this a number of months ago and today is the official launch of it.  #musedmot has various topics that will be discussed during the day and you may find the official event information on Catie’s website:

This “virtual event” utilizes a number of social media platforms and relies heavily on Twitter and Google Plus.  In addition, a number of updates will be speckled throughout the day at the Music Teacher Facebook group. 

I’ve listed the Schedule (for today, June 2, 2012 and posted in Eastern Times) from Catie’s site below and have also segmented it by Social Media Platform:

Google Plus and Google Plus Hangouts:

Not sure what a Google Hangout is?  Read this article:

In order to sign up for these sessions, simply click on the above link(s) before the time slot and make sure that you notify the moderator that you would like to participate in the session today.


Twitter will be used as a stream of conversation all day starting at 11:00 a.m. EST.  Twitter conversations will revolve around three hash-tags: #musedmot, #musedchat, and #musiced, but the #musedmot is the official hashtag of the day.

Be sure to choose/click the “All” link when viewing Twitter this way to see the most recent topics.  The “Top” choice only shows the most re-tweeted and replied conversations.

I’ve also made a “TweetGrid” of the above for easy viewing:  Find it here. 
If you use this, be sure to login with your Twitter account and fill in the hashtag, #musedmot, before tweeting from it.

Note sure how to use Twitter?  Read this article:  Also, you can find an article about the how/when we started using the #musedchat hashtag at this post. 

#musedmot Twitter Schedule (today):

  • 11am – Resources Super Session Part 1 (tools to use in the classroom)
  • 12pm – Open
  • 1pm – How to interact with parents?
  • 2pm – Choosing your rep for next year. (Favorite companies,repertoire,new songs in the budget for next year)
  • 3pm – How to Prepare Our Students for a Concert?
  • 4pm – Cocktail Hour, a time to make new friends and reflect on the year we have had.
  • 5pm – Using Youtube to Coordinate Lesson Plans
  • 6pm – Relaxing ways to stay learning over the summer (Workshops, summer reading, etc.)
  • 7pm – Resources Super Session Part 2 (tools to enhance your professional learning)
  • 8pm est Open
  • 9pm Feedback time (send your feedback to me if this day get’s a positive response and good attendance I’ll try to do it next year too!)


While not necessarily interactive for #musedmot, the Facebook Music Teachers Group is a great place to continue the discussion of these type of topics all year long: 

Enjoy the day!

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