I’m excited to finally post (and unveil) Richard McCready’s and Joseph Pisano’s “secret” Music In Our Schools Month Project (MIOSM).     We’ve been working on this project for about a month and are very happy with how it has developed (and we know that you will love it too!).

March has been designated by NAfME as Music in Our Schools Month and is used as a month to specifically focus on the advocacy of Music, Music Education, and Music in the schools.   NAfME offers a number of free (and great!) advocacy materials associated with  initiative at their MIOSM landing page: http://musiced.nafme.org/events/music-in-our-schools-month/.  This month is a great time for “us” to spread the word about the importance of music and music education in a concentrated way and as a community.

Connected with this month and MIOSM, Richard and I wanted to do something different, something beyond traditional advocacy and do something to help teachers this month in their “day-to-day” that would also spread the word about the importance of music technology related classes and initiatives in the schools.   While there is and will be a lot of cool concerts, pep-rallies, and information going out about music this month in celebration with the MIOSM project, we wanted to add another dimension into the “mix” and do something that would also highlight non-traditional music education (the other 80%) and provide a great lesson or unit plan for teachers to use in their classrooms -thus our MIOSM project idea was born and grew!

We’ve created a complete, ready-to-use,  lesson plan that details the history of electronic music and its evolution to modern day.    The presentation is complete with Music National Standards information, Web 2.0 elements, PDF handouts, assessment ideas, spin-off projects and is just way cool!   We hope that you will like it!

The Official Title of the Project is:

A Brief History of Significant Electronic Music Hardware Development & Its Evolution To The Present Day – The Long and Winding Road (That Leads To The DAW)

You may find all of the related materials on the the project’s official landing page here:

Please spread the word!  Use any and all means to pass the word about this amazing project on to your music educator friends (start with the social media buttons at the top of this page!).    If you like this project and/or have used it, be sure to let us know in the comment sections below!

Have a great MIOSM!

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