As any of you that know me know… I love the usefulness and efficiency of my iPhone….  I even develop iPhone apps (A.P.S. MusicMaster).   I’m usually the one dispensing iPhone and cool app tips, but at events like the state and national conferences, I often learn a few new tricks and find “hidden gems” from the various experts and enthusiasts in attendance -this year’s State Music Conference in PA (PMEA) was not a disappointment.

The first TIP I learned about at the conference was one that, FRANKLY, I’m amazed I missed (or didn’t even think to try):

1. Add a folder to your iPhone dock for quick access to more apps

Piece of cake:  just make room for an icon on the iPhone dock and drag a folder into the newly created space… yep, that quick and that simple!

2. Prowl: Send messages and links to your iPhone via any computer using the iPhone Notification System

A former student of mine from Grove City, Aaron Biller, gave me the idea for this by showing me how he was using the Google “Chrome to Phone” extension with his Android.   By using the Prowl app, anyone can quickly send URLs, images from within web pages, and even messages to their iDevices using either FireFox or Chrome.

This app will come in handy when I’m working on my desktop/laptop and need to quickly send an item to my iPhone for later use.  If a phone number is sent, all you have to do is click on it to call.  Pretty neat.

I do have to state that it’s a little tricky to setup, but it’s worth it!

3. iClickr: Control your PowerPoint presentation from your iPhone and preview your slides on it

This one comes from one of my current Senior Music Education Majors, Andy Ritenour who presented at the conference.

Here are some of the COOL and USEFUL features of this awesome little app:

  • Complete control of your PowerPoint slides including animations
  • Help you track your presentation time
  • Make and show annotations directly on your iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Alert you with silent buzz before your time runs out
  • View your slides and your slide notes on your iPhone

I downloaded it as soon as he showed it to me and will be using it at my next clinic!


If you attended my Finale clinic today, you may find some of my related resources and clinic information here:


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