The A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro App for iPad - It's amazing!

The following is the presentation is from my TI:ME/JEN clinic on Friday, January 6th, 2012 held at the Galt House in Lousiville, KY.   The presentation was titled iPad Apps for Music Performance.  A complete list of apps that I demoed (and some that I didn’t have time to demo) are found at the bottom of this post underneath the presentation itself.

There are many additional posts on MusTech.Net about iPads and iPad apps… perform a search on this site and you will find them.

I would be very remiss to write and not highlight two of the apps that I have developed myself for iPad and iPhone in this post.   They are wonderful apps for any musician, put particularly useful for educators and ensemble participants (click the links directly below to find them on the Apple Store):

iPad Apps for Music Performance:

iPad Apps Discussed in the session (and many not discussed “LIVE” due to time…):
(30 of the finest iPad apps for Music Performers)

  1. A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro – All-in-one-tool for music performers/students ($12.99 U.S.)
  2. App for Google Music HD – iPad app to access all of your Google Music ($0.99 U.S.)
  3. Air Scracth HD – Dual pickup deck music mixer ($2.99 U.S.)
  4. Amazing Slow Downer ASD – Transcription tool for musicians ($14.99 U.S.)
  5. Animoog – Polyphonic synth ($9.99 U.S.)
  6. AmpliTube – Multi-effect processor (FREE or $19.99 U.S.)
  7. Audio Tool – Decibel meter/Tone Generator/Microphone ($1.99 U.S.)
  8. Chordica XL – Bass + Chord Player (FREE)
  9. Decibel 10 – Sound Meter (FREE)
  10. Filtatron – Real-time audio effects suite (4.99 U.S.)
  11. GarageBand – Recording Studio/Instruments ($4.99 U.S.)
  12. Hokusai -Audio Editor (FREE)
  13. iReal b – Chord Player ($7.99 U.S.)
  14. iRig MIDI – Interface and MIDI Recorder/Player ($69.95 U.S.)
  15. KORG iElectribe – Sound Creation/Instrument ($19.99 U.S.)
  16. KORG iMS-20 – MS-20 Synth on iPad ($32.99)
  17. Loopseque (Thanks Richard McCready!) – Loop Creator ($6.99 U.S.)
  18. Loopseque Kids – Loop Creator for Kids ($1.99 U.S.)
  19. Overdub – Layred recorder/multi-track (FREE)
  20. Pocket WavePad – Audio Editor (FREE)
  21. Pro Keys – (Thanks Dr. Lochstampfor) Piano/Synth/Pads Player – ($2.99 U.S.)
  22. Progression Free – Guitar Tab Editor (FREE)
  23. Ratatap Drums – Realistic drum-kit app ($1.99 U.S.)
  24. MIDI Touch – MIDI controller ($19.99 U.S.)
  25. MuseScore Sheet Music Viewer – Thousands of Scores from – ($1.99 U.S.)
  26. Sheet Music Direct for iPad – buy/play/use 100,000+ Scores (FREE)
  27. ReBirth for iPad – Multi drum machine/FX/and Bass synths ($6.99 U.S.)
  28. Songsterr+ Guitar Tab viewer/player 300,000+ tabs ($4.99 U.S.)
  29. SoniqViewer -Waveform/Spectrum visualizer ($0.99 U.S.)
  30. Tempo – Extremely Versatile Metronome ($1.99 U.S.)

Please use the comments section below to add your favorite iPad apps for peforming musicians!


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