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Sight Reading Factory

Sight Reading Factory
The Innovative New Way To Teach And
Practice Sight Reading


GraceNotes, LLC is excited to announce the release of  SightReadingFactory.com, a website that will revolutionize the way sight reading is taught and practiced. No longer will educators and students need to spend valuable time searching through music for level-appropriate material. With a few simple clicks you can generate quality, never-before-seen music ready for sight reading. Because of the ability to generate unlimited, and virtually infinite amounts of unique music, the user is guaranteed to never run out of sight reading material.

The program actually composes the music directly in the web browser in mere seconds. There are many rules governing the musical output so that it makes sense rhythmically, melodically and harmonically. In other words, it is not just a bunch of random notes and rhythms on a page, it sounds like real music.

The site allows the user to customize the sight reading to their choosing. After selecting an instrument on which to sight read, the user then selects one of the the 6 levels of difficulty. Level 1 would be appropriate for a first year player where level 6 would challenge the most seasoned musician. Once the level is selected a list of suggested key signatures appropriate for that level appear. The user can choose one of those key signatures or can pick from any of the major or minor key signatures. After a key signature is chosen, the user can choose from a list of time signatures appropriate for that level. Now the music is ready to be generated!

Users can listen to or even play along with a midi playback of the music. There is also a print option which presents a printable version of the music.

Through the use of a SMART Board or digital video projector, music educators can use this service for their entire class. For students, this tool can be invaluable in helping to prepare for auditions.

There are many exciting features planned for the future including:

  • Full ensemble sight reading for band, choir and string orchestra
  • Support for more instruments including: Voice, Piano, Timpani, Drum Set
  • Sight reading in the ‘jazz’ styles: swing, funk, latin, etc.
  • Greater user control of customization of the sight reading: user could set the range, possible rhythms, max leaps, etc.
  • Sight reading that changes key/time signatures


Editors Notes:

We are very excited to have the Sight Reading Factory as an official sponsor of MusTech.Net for the 2012 Year!  Please join us in welcoming them by visiting their site and sampling their amazing software.

Site URL: Http://sightreadingfactory.com

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