I just have finished putting together a document of the 2012 Jazz Education Network and TI:ME Conference Tweets!

The document is pretty large and even though I did quite a bit of optimization/compression when creating the PDF it is still 25 megabytes and over one hundred pages long!   Your best “bet” is going to be to right-click the PDF link and save “as” with regard to getting and viewing the document.   Because of some confusion (and non-communication) there were two Twitter Hashtags: #jen12 and #timejen12…

Some quick stats for you:


  • 107 Contributors
  • 1082 Tweets
  • 166 Links


  • 54 Contributors
  • 308 Tweets
  • 45 links
PDF DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD (Right-click Save-as Remember 25 megs!):

2012 JEN-TIME Tweets PDF Download Link

View the #timejen12 Tweets here (via GoogleDoc):

Direct Link to the Google Doc:

Stay tuned, more posts to come from the 2012 JEN/TI:ME conference!

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