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Music Education Blog Carnival Background:

The new Music Education Blog Carnival was created and is maintained by Dr. Joseph Pisano of MusTech.net.  Its function is to promote the great work being done by Music Education Bloggers across the Internet.  This carnival seeks to provide a free online avenue that provides useful Music Education materials and information to the Internet community while providing greater exposure for those writing these great blogs and articles.

The Music Education Blog Carnival is published during the 1st week of every month and is a recognized member of the communities of blogs as indexed by BlogCarnival.com. All writings submitted to the Music Education Blog Carnival are examined to ensure that they are valid, interesting, and related to our discussion topic(s).   Not every blog entry submitted for consideration is selected or eligible to be in the monthly posted editions.

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Who’s Hosting Next?

The November 2011 edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival will be hosted by MusicEdMajor.Net!

October 2011 Music Education Blog Carnival:

Congratulations to all those that submitted entries and were selected for this month’s Music Education Blog Carnival.   I hope that you all enjoy reading these great posts from some of the finest Music Education Bloggers.   If you get a chance, please leave a comment on their page(s) to let them know you appreciate their time and efforts!   Also, don’t forget to get the word about this on-going carnival and stir-up some excitement about it via Twitter, G+, Facebook, or other Web 2.0 social engines!

Music Education

Carol Broos presents Teach Like Boot Camp  ~ posted at Be A Techie:).
Carol Broos provides insight into how she teaches and how she helps students be the best they can.

Mark T. Burke, CEO presents RMM Philosophies for Teachers and Schools ~ posted at viaAcademies, Music Education News and Information.
Mark Burke discusses Recreational Music Making (RMM) in this thought provoking article.

Trevor Dow presents Connecting with quiet piano students-Does the Squeaky Wheel Always Need to Get the Grease?  ~ posted at Teach Piano Today.
Trevor Dow asks the question: “Have you ever lost one of your quiet piano students because you just didn’t know they were unhappy?”

Carrie Persichini presents Mystery Singers: How the Legend Began ~ posted at Jedi Music, saying:
“This is an enduring tradition I started at my school… it is a fun and easy way to promote our music program!”

Joseph M. Pisano presents Music Education Discussions from the MPLN ~ posted at MusTech.net, saying:
“There is so much great conversation going on in our Music Professional Learning Network, I’ve decided to post conversational highlights every couple of weeks so more people can find about the wealth of resources contained there!”

Rose presents Piano Lessons, Music to our Ears ~ posted at Learning at Home.
Rose talks about her experience with her children and group piano lessons.

Evan Tobias presents Has music education changed since 1970? On students who rock. . . ~  posted at Evan Tobias: Catalysts and Connections.
Even Tobias looks at a couple of opinion pieces in the New York Times and provides his insight and his responses to them.

Travis J. Weller presents Travis J. Weller; New Classics? ~ posted at Composing Like Mad.
Travis Weller asks ” Quick: Name three composers of wind band literature whose music was written before 1950 that will still be revered in the year 2020?”

Thomas J. West presents The Blended Music Performance Classroom – A Brave New World  ~ posted at Thomas J. West Music, saying:
“This year, my professional development goal is to make my instrumental music program a fully blended learning environment for every student. I am accomplishing this primarily by using web-based music resources that students can access from their school computers at home to complete asynchronous assignments either in class or at home. The three main online music tools that I am using to accomplish this blended learning model are SmartMusic, Noteflight Classroom, and Theta Music Trainer.”

Music Performance

Pramod Fulpagare presents Music to perform meditation,yoga, healing & deep sleep ~ posted at Music in Nature.
Pramod Fulgapare relates the value of using music in conjunction with meditation and yoga practices.

Yullian Bei presents Top 60 Most Recommended Violin Concertos ~ posted at The Silent String Quartet, saying:
“Handy list to get into the world of Violin Concerto…”

Music Technology

Simon Glenister presents Using Wii controllers to make music a wow factor… ~ posted at Noise Solutions Blog, saying:
“Finding new ways for people to engage with music technology without using traditional instruments…”

Jessica Tomlinson presents A Brief Copyright Summary posted at Music Insight.
Jessica Tomlinson provides a first-hand experience of obtaining a license agreement from a publisher for a presentation.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of music education blog carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.  Please consider submitting an article for next month’s edition!

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