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[UK] Lib Dems want music to be the key – “Baroness Walmsley, the party’s education spokeswoman, sees the call as central to new policy proposals. She has tabled a motion for an “Education Credit”, which will be a package of measures to help poorer families on top of the existing Pupil Premium…”

Experts: Music makes young brains sing – “…Every morning at the beginning of school, the principal (in most cases) reads a short text over the PA system, and students listen to five minutes of music. They listen to the same piece of music every day for five days. What changes each day is the text. Each day, a new piece of information is offered, like “listen for the sound of the French horn and how it sounds royal to signify the entrance of the king…”

Building on the past to shape the future of music education- MENC changes their name… – “September 1, 2011 (RESTON, VA) — One of the world’s oldest and largest arts education organizations enters a new chapter in its distinguished history today when it officially assumes the name National Association for Music Education.  This organization of music educators and music education advocates was founded in 1907 as Music Supervisors National Conference, and later became Music Educators National Conference, with the familiar acronym “MENC.” In 1998, the association became known as MENC: The National Association for Music Education. September 2011 marks the completion of the name transition to National Association for Music Education…”

Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra to start El Sistema-type education program– “KALAMAZOO — The key to making an El Sistema music education program a change is to not call it a music program — but a program of social change, because that involves the entire community, the coordinator of El Sistema in Baltimore told a Kalamazoo audience. Dan Trahey, the director of artistic program development for OrchKids, told about three dozen people at the Epic Center Theatre on Thursday, that building support for his program came from helping them understand how the intensive music program changed children’s lives socially, academically and musically…”

Dedham School of Music: An age-by-age guide to music education – “DEDHAM —The benefits of playing musical instruments are proven and plentiful. Children and young adults who are exposed to music training tend to do better academically, especially in math, and engage in less risky behaviors, such as drinking alcohol. Learning a musical instrument teaches kids how to think and act creatively while persevering with a task that is difficult and requires constant practice, helping them to gain self-esteem once they master it. And playing with a band or orchestra teaches the value of teamwork. But what is the right age to begin playing? If you wait too long, do you miss a golden opportunity? The good news is, there is no magical age, and parents can do much to foster music appreciation, even if they never picked up instruments as children…”


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