The following is a very exciting announcement from the (The Music Educators Professional Learning Network -MPLN).   The MPLN is a freely available Website for Music Educators and Pre-Service Music Educators.   The MPLN is free to join, but you MUST be a member to view and participate in the amazing ongoing discussions there…   Consider signing up today and view 1000s of posts in our groups and forums. 



We are very excited to announce that the MusicPLN site has gone mobile!   There has been a new mobile developed for our site and is available for the iPhone and Android style smart phones.   This mobile site will make the most-used parts of the MPLN more easy to utilize in the smaller platforms.

In addition for the iPhone, you may easily add a shortcut button to your “desktop/home screen” by following a few simple instructions (this may work on the Android as well – I haven’t tested it yet).  In order to add the button to your device please follow the steps outlined below:

1st: Open up the in your iPhone’s Browser


2nd: Touch the option button on the bottom of the browser

The mobile Music Educators Website

3rd: Choose “Add to Home Screen” from the pop-up

Music Education Professional Learning Network Mobile

4th: Your new Button will appear on your Home-Screen/Desktop

Music Education Mobile Website Social Network

…and that is “the magic”!  We hope that you all will enjoy this incredible new feature of the MPLN!

A couple of Mobile Usage Notes:

Not everything will be available in the mobile version of the MPLN.   In addition, be sure to check the “menu” button in the upper-right of the mobile version for quick access to all of the site’s features and pages.  Also, as with anything that is custom programmed, there may be some small-issues along the way.   We will be adding a feature in the very near future that will allow mobile users to also choose between the full version and mobile version of the MPLN.

Great things ahead for the MPLN!

This is a MPLN customized version of the BuddyPress Mobile Plugin developed by @modemlooper – without his dedication to BuddyPress and WordPress this feature would not be possible.



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