Music Education PLNI’ve decided to start a new series on MusTech.Net that pulls a number of the topics from the Music Educators Professional Learning Network (MPLN) into the “spotlight”.     Because the MPLN is FREE, but requires registration – I’ve decided to not have it indexed by the “bots” like Google and Yahoo.    However, this non-indexing means that people looking on the web through online search engines will not be able to find the information that may already have been discussed on the MPLN…

The goal for the MusTech.Net integration with the MPLN is to post a number of recent and interestings topics from the MPLN and have them indexed here so people may find them if they are interested and also to provide a brief  topic summary to encourage even more activity on the MPLN.    I will be parsing the names from the original posters of the MPLN when I’m posting here to maintain a partial modicum of privacy.

The links posted here will be active, BUT you will have to a member of the MPLN to visit the actual posts and participate in the conversation: if you are not a member you will simply be taken to the MPLN home page (where you can sign-up if you would like).   Again, membership to the MPLN is FREE, but registration is required.

Current Topics of Interest on the MPLN for week of September 5th, 2011:

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  • I’m starting up a ”Music Through Technology” class this year and I’m really excited about it! However, if anyone has some guidance as to topics, content, activities, etc. that have worked well for you I’d love to hear about them! […] Also, I’d love to explore the options for skyping two classes together, so if you think you’d be up for that let me know! Thanks everyone!  ~ Link to this post (Free membership required to view)
  •  Habits Of Musicianship: A Radical Approach To Beginning Band: I would like to know if anyone has used this band method. I find it intriguing, and was set to use this method for my beginning 5th grade students before I found out I was being laid off in 2009. I had all of the workbooks and everything ready to go.  Have any of you used this? If not, what do you think after looking at their website (link is below). The method is free and hosted by the University of Texas at Austin. Would you use this method?  Personally, I really like their message of ” a bad sounding note is a wrong note”. Thoughts?  ~ Link to this post (Free membership required to view)
  • Online Listening Library: Hi all, I am looking to create an online listening library for my students to access while at home.  Please let me know of suggested websites that would most easily allow me to accomplish this. Thanks in advance!~ Link to this post (Free membership required to view)
  • Selecting Music:  What kind of parameters do you use for selection of music for study by your ensembles? What factors bear more weight in your selection of literature? What kinds of criteria are more influential in your decisions to study, rehearse, and program a score with your students and ensembles? ~ Link to this post (Free membership required to view)
  • Hello! I am a first year teacher about to embark on the journey of a life time. I have two part-time teaching positions in Catholic schools in the Archdoicese of Boston. One is a K-5 general music position, with an extracurricular choir. The other is Pk-8 General music with a choir for mass as well. I’m looking for great ideas for the general music curriculum! I would appreciate seeing lessons, activities, and units from anyone! ~ Link to this post (Free membership required to view)
  • I’m looking to take my Concert Band and Jazz Band to Disney and am curious as to the different options they have to offer (Festival Disney and You’re Instrumental Workshop). Anybody have any experience with these, and which do you prefer? Also, any sample proposals for School Committee/Administration would be welcome (trying to anticipate costs/rationales). ~ Link to this post (Free membership required to view)
  • The first rotation of my general music classes have been going great. Working on the vast organization of my classes by developing an electronic grade book and setting up the seating charts before the second rotation happens. Sure wish we had the tools from the district, so I didn’t have to create them myself. Using the song, ”An Adventure” from Music K8 magazine as the theme song for our school wide Power of Positive Students theme-”We Map Our Success”. Kids are loving it!  ~ Link to this post (Free membership required to view)
  • I’ve been teaching high school band for 14 years, and now I am teaching a few 2nd grade music classes this year. I am having a lot of fun so far with the kids, and they seem to be enjoying class.  The big question I have is – what kinds of classroom motivational/discipline policies do you have? The school doesn’t have a school-wide discipline policy. What can I do to keep them listening and cooperating.  I already have plenty of lesson activities to keep their attention for 40 minutes. Thanks for the advice! ~ Link to this post (Free membership required to view)
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