Join our MusicPLN Diigo Group and Start Sharing Stuff today!

The (MPLN) site has a number of great and useful features associated with it.   The Music Education MPLN Diigo group is one of them.    Any music educator or member of the MPLN may join the the MPLN Diigo Group.   Using Diigo is easy and it integrates with all of the major browsers.   Anything that is tagged into our group will appear in the MPLN and is listed in our sidebar for all to the members to see and group members may comment on the Diigo links within Diigo itself.

Right now there are 49 members of our Diigo Group and I hope to double that number this year and increase the contents in it by 10-fold.   It’s not hard to use and you can create other groups with your account for your own personal website bookmarks or for other groups.   I will be listing the most current 10 posts each week from the group on this semester in an effort to expose more people to the group and the usefulness of a community working toward populating it.

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