I presented a couple of clinics this summer and one of them was on Finale.   Finale is a fantastic music composition software and worthy of purchase by anyone who is seriously inputting/creating music compositions.   The following is a compilation of Finale-related resources that I used in my clinic that anyone will find useful:
  1. Finale main website
  2. Compare features of the various Finale family products
  3. Finale Version Comparison (Pre 2007-2011 -what’s new in the product for each new version…)
  4. Download a free finale demo (Mac or Windows)
  5. Buy Finale (Academic Price Discount)  
  6. Find FREE finale music files from the Finale Showcase
  7. Finale Music Blog (official)
  8. Finale Support Forums (official)
  9. Finale Online User Manuals
  10. Finale Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheets)
  11. Free Finale reader (open and print .mus files)
  12. Dr. Tom Rudolph’s “Making the Most of Notation Software” Blog
  13. Free Instrumental Scores from IMSLP
  14. Free Choral Scores from the Choral Public Domain Library
  15. Get FREE classical MIDI files from (download 5 per day)
  16. Dr. Frank’s Finale Keyboard Shortcuts (PDF)
  17. Tom Carruth’s Finale Quick Start Guide (From SoundTree)
  18. Finale Keyboard Stickers
I hope that you find some use out of these links and please feel free to add your own Finale resources in the comment section below…
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