I am very, very excited to have been a large part of the development of a great new iPad music application entitled A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro. This incredible music app for the iPad truly does it all:

  • PDF Viewer and Annotator for Sheet Music, Scores, or anything PDF – includes multiple pens, highlighters, “stickies” and colors to use.     It also allows you to export and import PDFs in a variety of ways including exporting via e-mail.
  • Chromatic tuner with pitch pipe functionality – calibration options from 420-460 Hz.
  • Audio Recorder and Player – record at three different qualities, e-mail your recordings, open and play any of your iPod library and play-lists directly from within the app.
  • Metronome – multiple options including the ability to save five presents
  • Timer/Stopwatch – great for recording timings of rehearsals, concerts, or individual tunes – also includes the ability to e-mail all of your recorded times via a formatted text-table
  • Integrated Calendar – no need to go out of the app and back into it to access your iPad calendars
  • Integrated Browser – you don’t have to close the app to get to the Internet – in addition, by using this browser, point your URL to any PDF and have the option to save it directly to the PDF annotator
  • Glossaries – “scores” of great information for quick retrieval including, language translations, transposition information, guitar chords, instrument fingerings, and more
  • A built-in, playable, circle of fifths instrument including major and minor chords

It truly is the “All-in-One” iPad tool for musicians!

Find a complete array of photos and more details about this very cool iPad music app here:

Find out more about the company behind this awesome iPad music app here:

View the user’s manual for this totally amazing iPad music app here:
A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro Users Manual (ver. 1.0)

You can purchase A.P.S. MusicMaster Pro today directly from the Apple store:
A.P.S. Music Master Pro Apple Store Direct Link

I hope you all will shortly find this one of your MOST FAVORITE music tools!

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