The official Music Educators to Follow on Twitter (a Twitter Music PLN) has been updated.  It has been since January that this list has been updated at and there are some great additions to it! Unfortunately, TweepML (the easy-to-follow-all-listed)  site is down, but they have a BETA out.  The BETA does not allow adding everyone on the list at one time yet, but makes it very easy to click-follow on on the list.   In the mean time, I have an alternative method for this (following all at once) listed on the official page.

The Official Music Education Tweeters list is now up to 93 members and it has also been re-checked and verified to make sure that all the people listed are currently valid and active Music Education Tweeters (as per our criteria).   In addition, there are now a DOZEN Music Education Tweeters that I put on the “watch-list” and that are very close to meeting the criteria to become an Official ME Tweeter (again, check the Official Page for more criteria information)!

The Official Music Education Tweeters list, along with sites like the and are very important aspects of our online Music Education Community and vital for keeping valid, interesting, and related information and discussions about Music Education and Music Advocacy propagating via the Internet.   If you are a Music Educator or interested in Music Education and Music Advocacy issues, please follow those on this list and join our Web 2.0 Music Education Community today at the – you will not regret the decision!

You may find the updated Official Music Education Tweeter list directly on MusTech.Net (and much more information about it) by using the following URLS:

You may also find the list on Twitter directly here:

With regard to the simply following the “Twitter list located at Twitter”, I still highly recommend FOLLOWING each of the folks on the ME Tweeter list individually rather than just “following the list itself”.  You can find multiple ways to follow the individuals on the Official ME Tweeters List Page Home.  In addition, one of the VERY best uses of the Twitter List is to make a column following the “list itself” with programs like TweetDeck and HootSuite -I do this and it is one of the ways that I stay “on top” of the latest Music Education news populating the Twittersphere!

Finally a last note, I will be splitting the “list” into two separate lists in one of the upcoming updates.   This split will mainly be divided between actual “educators ” and “auxiliary education support entities” that are tweeting helpful music education related information for us like music-related corporations, schools, representatives, and organizations.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE —-ANNOUNCING  the OFFICIAL additions to the Music Education Tweeters List:

76. Travis J. Weller
77.  Victoria Chamberlin
78. Keith Ozsvath
79. NorthShoreBand
80.  JW Pepper
81.  Travis Pennell
82. David Ashworth
83. Michelle Workman
84. Sound Innovations
85. Adam Pontefract
86.  Bob Morrison
87. Dr. B.L. Haskett
88.  Ryan Dore
89.  Nicholas Lane
90. Emiliy Farrell
91. Evan Tobias
92. Ugo Valentini
93. Gabrielle Deschamps

Congratulations to all!

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Dr. Pisano

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