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  • iSchoolBand officially kicks off the massive program to make it FREE to all schools everywhere!  Join me LIVE for the launch!  Monday, May 2nd (Today) at 7 PM EST –
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    Featuring Special Guest:  Leslie Denning – former public school teacher and author of the book How the West was Sung: The Story of the American Cowboy and His Songs.
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A Massively Musical Monday – “I have some very exciting news about tomorrow, Monday, May 2nd! We have some incredible events occurring in the evening hours, and I want to extend to you an invitation to join us for these great initiatives. Check it out:iSchoolMusic Kickstarter Launch PartyYou may have heard of iSchoolBand before (Andy R has written about it), but tomorrow night, all your preconceptions will be thrown out the window! …”

MENC just a small amount away from a $25,000 grant – PLS vote! – “So I thought I would give it a whirl (the old college try!),  let’s all get together and take 10 SECONDS and Vote for MENC to be one of ten to receive $25,000 in the Chase Community Charity Event.   What does it take for you to click the following link and support Music Education… I already told you –>  About 10 seconds of your life!”

Fan Reach and Music Videos – A Different Approach – “Today more than ever, video is an essential way to break through the noise and reach new fans with your music. For Debbie and Friends, cartoon music videos are a great vehicle for this. I’m always pleasantly surprised to learn that families from all over the world discover Debbie and Friends music every day through our YouTube channel and various cable outlets…”

I Know I’m Teaching the Stuff-Why Aren’t They Getting it? – “You’ve recently attended a great Orff workshop. The presenter methodically guided you through the lessons and gave you detailed notes and exact procedures. You get back home and are excited to share the lesson with your students. You begin the lesson just like you witnessed it, but sometime before step 3, you get this sick feeling that you’ve lost them. Something’s not right. You taught them exactly like your workshop presenter, but it’s not working with your 1st graders like it did with the workshop attendees. Been there..done that…”

Band Composer Series: Michael Sweeney – J.W. Pepper has a great blog, here is just one of their offerings:  “A graduate of Indiana University (Bloomington), and Director of Band Publications for Hal Leonard Corporation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Michael Sweeney has over 500 publications to his credit. As a winner of numerous awards from ASCAP, his Imperium (1992) and Ancient Voices (1994) are featured in the acclaimed GIA Publications series Teaching Music Through Performance in Band. Some of his other compositions such as Black Forest Overture (1996), The Forge of Vulcan (1997) and Distant Thunder of the Sacred Forest (2003) have become standard repertoire for middle school bands…”

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