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A Very Web 2.0 PMEA Music Conference At Hershey – “Something very different is happening this year at PMEA.  Something very different indeed!   This year, I am very excited to have a number of Music Education majors from Grove City College actively engaged in broadcasting their thoughts and insights from PMEA through the use of Social Media.  I’ve been incorporating Web 2.0, such as blogging, Twitter and other Social Media forms, into much of “technology-side” of my teaching endeavors at GCC  since 2005.    This year, I have a number of under-graduate students that have taken some of my concepts along with some of their-own and have merged them together.  This merging has lead to the idea to  ”Live Blog” many of the clinics that they will personally be attending at this year’s  PMEA conference.  This idea will be made manifest next week at the 2011 PMEA state conference in Hershey, PA.”

Sibelius: A Comprehensive Guide to Sibelius Music Notation Software 2nd Edition –  “SoundTree is pleased to announce that the Second Edition of Tom Rudolph’s book,Sibelius: A Comprehensive Guide to Sibelius Music Notation Software, is now shipping.The new edition includes dozens of new graphics, text and examples of how to use features introduced in Sibelius 5 and 6 including:· Using the Ideas Window for composing and arranging·  Entering and editing chords and notation with the on screen keyboard and fretboard.· Using Magnetic Layout to save time formatting parts and scores· Inputting a Live Tempo, so the score tempo follows the one you play in real time· Working with Sibelius Sounds for enhanced playback of your scores· Synching Sibelius with Pro Tools and other DAW software to work with notation and audio simultaneously.”

It’s Time To Go To The Fields – “What does it mean to say a school is making “adequate yearly progress”? What is the value of a standardized test that produces an aggregate score for a group of students in one school and has it compared in the local newspaper against scores from another? How does student performance on a standardized exam relate to future vocational aspirations? Are teachers really able to teach skills necessary for success in future student endeavors or are they simply trying to teach concepts that will enable students to pass a standardized examination?  The standardized state examinations represent a dangerous failure on many levels. It makes assumptions that all teachers are teaching all the same information…”

Voices Of The World, Virtual Choir 2.0 –  I was excited all day. Feeling like a little kid waiting for a beautifully wrapped big present, I waited for the premier of Sleep, Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 2.0 project. You see, I wasn’t waiting for the virtual choir video as an audience, I was waiting for all of my fellow choir members. I had every intention of submitting my video before the end of December (2010) due date, but that month got the best of me. After school was out, I was so worn out and feeling sick, I gave up on learning the music or taping my singing. But due to a bad storm in Europe, the submission date was extended by 10 days! When I read the update, I caught a second wind. I was determined to get this done and participate. I had no idea that I would be one of (over) 2000 voices…”

Why Talking To Audiences Is Essential When Playing Classical Music – “Yesterday when judging the ORMTA Southern Zone Competition in Hamilton, Ontario, one of the participants came up to me before performing and asked if it would be appropriate if he talked about one of the pieces on his program before playing it. My response to the pianist was that more than being just appropriate, it was a brilliant idea and I looked forward to hearing him speak.
The piece that he was playing was Larysa Kuzmenko’s In Memoriam to the Victims of Chernobyl, a dramatic, moving, and atonal piece, precisely the kind of piece that…”

BONUS STORY – (An excellent post from one of my students about the music cuts in her hometown)
So We Are Living Here In Allentown – “So in case you haven’t heard, on March 31st the Allentown School Board voted unanimously to cut 43 honors courses, 47, electives, and all French and Latin Classes. This means that 247 teachers will be out of the job. It’s crazy to think that in a meeting where 700 students, parents, and teachers show up to argue this plan, it gets passed 8 to 0. Of course, since I am a music education major, I am quite peeved on the unwarranted attack on the arts. While the plan is meant to bring up PSSA scores and decrease the drop-out rate, they obviously have no idea what is going to happen when you rip music out of schools.”

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