[I] am very exited for one of my articles to appear in the very first edition of Leading Notes Online Music Magazine.   My article was titled Music Education: The Indispensable Core Subject Needed in the “21st Century” (Click the link or graphic to visit Leadingnotes.org and my article).

Here is a short excerpt:

“[W]hen looking at the “State of Music Education” today, in this very instance of time in the United States, I am both very concerned and very hopeful. We live in a time where Music Education in the schools has been both attacked and successfully ousted from communities to be replaced for even more “left-brained-directed” and traditional “19th-20th Century” skill-building courses. However, we also live in a time where acquiring skills in creativity, innovation, and being able to see the “larger picture” have risen to the highest importance with regard to the roles that they play in our students’ acquisition of them as part of a complete and desired “21st Century skill set”.”

I hope you will all take the time to visit LeadingNotes.org: it is a new and incredible resource for our online Music Education Community!  Many thanks to Justine Dolorfino and Nick Jaworski for putting this all together!

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