Dr. Pisano's YouTube Video on Hiding Comments in YoutubeMany times in the education environment it is not conducive to use YouTube because of what is posted in the comment sections or what appears in the suggestions and playlists.  YouTube does not make this an easy task to do directly from their site.

This video tutorial and post will help you solve that problem by learning how to easily remove the comments by implementing a number of different solutions.

Watch the Video:

Sites mentioned in the tutorial:

This video is available in High-Definition Directly from YouTube.

Other alternatives:

*If you create a playlist “channel” on YouTube, the channel will not include comments, voting, etc. by default and it will streamline the presentation of the videos that you would like to show in class.

*While I’m not advocating the use of  video-streaming download programs in general due to the copyright issues concerned with them,  there are a number of online programs that will accomplish this if you desire (and they all have their own terms of use pages – be sure to read them):

KeepVid: http://keepvid.com

ClipConverter: http://www.clipconverter.cc/


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