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The Official Music Education Twitter List is Updated – Check it out and follow all these great music educators today!

100 Music Education Majors Tweeting – Andy Zweibel and Lindsay Morelli have teamed up with this fantastic new music education initiative!  Do you know of any music education majors tweeting?  Have them submit their Twitter Account for consideration today.

Sub Plans, What to Include When You Will Be Out – “As we head into the cold and flu season, and the conference season, it will be inevitable that you will need to leave sub plans. In the past 15 years, I have had a variety of substitutes ranging from excellent to unfortunate. Since I want my students to have the best musical experience, here are some items that I have included in my sub plans for the past few years: 1. Schedule and a map. The map will assist the substitute because you might teach in more than one room. In addition, it will also let the substitute know where the bathrooms are located, where the cafeteria is, where the nurse’s office is, and where the teacher’s lounge is located…”

Let’s Start by Asking Better Questions – “…I don’t really know any directors who in some part of their career have not uttered a phrase akin to “Percussion you are playing too loud”, or “Clarinets the eighth notes were not together”.  The director’s role on the podium can become as repetitive as the scale and rudiment exercises that we select for our students to study.  It is easy to lapse into being in “error-detection” mode to the point where our rehearsals become anti-music learning and we simply gather the output from the ensemble, offer our assessment and corrective measures, and then move on.  Given enough time, enough “No, that isn’t correct”, and desire to have a perfect product, important development and learning will get lost in the process….”

Using Notation Software for Performance Assessment – “Notation software is most often used to create printed scores and parts and to assist with the creative process of composing and arranging. It is also used for other applications such as education worksheets and practice materials. In my Berklee online course Music Notation Using Sibelius, one of the students in the class in the Spring, 2010 semester, Nicholas Alexander Krishnan, used Sibelius to assess his performance of his MIDI keyboard playing. Nicholas is a talented musician who lives in Bloomfield Hill, MI, and has taken several Berklee online courses. The assignment was to use real-time input in Sibelius, called Flexi-time. Here is how Nicholas used Sibelius. His post to me in the lesson read (posted with his permission): …”

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