The Thursday Technology Keynote was extremely well attended and went very well.   My goal with this Keynote was to both inspire hope and encourage the attendees with regard to the importance of what we do as Arts Educators -especially with regard to the needs of our 21st Century students and their coming places in the work enviornment(s).

At the end of the Keynote, I was able to have a number of conversations with some of the attendees.   One of the biggest concerns that is still prevalent in our music teachers is the insecurity and seemingly impermanence of music education in the schools.    To this end, we must continue to advocate music education from the ground up: our schools, our communities, our districts, our states, our government, and globally.    We must also continue to engage the leaders and decision makers of our schools with the indisputable position of the importance of Arts Education in educating the whole mind of our children…  A concerted effort is needed in this regard and it is past time that “we” make ourselves heard and rightfully recognized for the importance and necessity of our discipline in every child’s  education.

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The Spinning Girl:
(Again, NO true bearing on brain dominance at all… just a fun kick-start, springboard for discussion)

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