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Dec. 2010 Music Education Blog Carnival:

Congratulations to all those that submitted entries and were selected for this month’s Music Education Blog Carnival.  I hope you enjoy reading all of these great posts from some of the finest Music Education Bloggers.  If you get a chance please leave a comment on their page(s) to let them know you appreciate their time and efforts!   Don’t forget to Tweet and Favorite This via Facebook Like (see above)!

Music Education

Eugene Cantera presents Create the “Check” Box posted at Discover, Learn, Play.

Thomas J. West presents How Model Recordings Can Transform Your Students’ Performance – Thomas J. West Music posted at Thomas J. West Music, saying, “Model practice recordings allow students to practice at home in a way that makes it more interesting than simply playing alone. It also provides a very realistic view of how well they have progressed on their part, since they have to perform to a target tempo. With proper instruction from the teacher, model recordings can give students opportunities to work at their own pace and can provide the teacher with a way of individualizing and diversifying instruction.”

Nick Jaworski presents Unintentional singing, intentional lessons (Auto-tuning the News) posted at Moving Forward With Music (Nick Jaworski), saying, “A blog post about “The Bed Intruder Song”, an auto-tuned YouTube piece (over 47 million views) from The Gregory Brothers.  Learn the interesting background, why it’s important, and how it could be used in the classroom – including a student example.”

Andrew Ritenour presents Educational Potential of the SoundBeam posted at Future Music Educators, saying, “While the SoundBeam is a revolutionary product in the field of music therapy, its potential for music education in general is amazing.”

Yoon Soo Lim presents MiM Project: A Review posted at sing imagination, “…This was a perfect way for me to learn several things about my students in the beginning of the year: *What role does music play in students’ lives? *What kind of music affects them or have meaning? *How will they express their thoughts in narrative writing? *How long were they going to take to edit music and audio recording in Garage Band/Audacity?…”

Catherine Shefski presents An Idea: Pop Up Piano Lessons posted at All Piano. “…When I mentioned to some fellow piano teachers that I was willing to teach a few of my older students “by appointment”, rather than locking them (and me) into a weekly time slot, they were appalled.  I have not changed my mind about teaching “on demand.” In fact, I see two distinct  advantages. Teachers have a more flexible work week and students come to their lessons when they are ready to learn…”

Music Performance

Claudia Peralta presents The Three Best Beginner Guitar Chords | StringLove Guitar Lessons posted at StringLove Guitar Lessons, saying, “A comprehensive and detailed look at the 3 best beginner guitar chords.”

Music Technology

Natalie Wickham presents Produce Professional CDs for $1! posted at Music Matters Blog, saying, “If you’ve ever wanted to help your students produce a CD that looks professional and even comes with professional packaging, look no further! With a little bit of time and $1, you can help your students become real recording artists!”

David Ahrens presents Tech Innovations in Music Education posted at Sound Education. “…The topic chosen for discussion recently on the Twitter hashtag #MusEdChat was: “What innovations in Music Education have occurred over the last 10 years? What impact has it had on teachers/students?”  There have been PLENTY of innovations recently. I thought I would write a reflection on the topic in a forum that allows more complete ideas…”

Music Other

Nils J. Sandback presents Piano Humour: A Victor Borge Tribute posted at Piano Street’s Classical Piano Blog, saying, “A tribute to the Danish pianist and humorist Victor Borge.”

That concludes this edition.  Submit your blog article to the next edition of music education blog carnival using our carnival submission form.  Past posts and future hosts may be found on our blog carnival index page.

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