Hello all,

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve been making some changes to the lately and it’s been consuming much of my “extra” time (if I had any).    I am hoping to get the site where it needs to be in the next couple of weeks and put it on “cruise control” for a few months!   I tweeted yesterday that “I can’t to use the site for what it is, rather than always working on what it will be.”  There is something profound in that statement in many ways…

Because of the time being spent on, some of my other “regular” online activities have been in a state “suspension” and I am sorry for this.   They are all not abandoned, just delayed.    With the start of the new year, I am hoping to have all of my digital obligations back in “tune” and go back to a “normal”, yet enhanced, online-side of “life”.   I am also working on an a mobile application, I can’t reveal what it is yet (I really wish I could), but hopefully it will be a real time save for musicians everywhere (It’s also taking a great deal of this so-called “free time” of mine…).   It is in development and should be available by the 2nd quarter of next year.    Just noting that, lest any of you surmise that grass is growing under my feet for any reason! :)

If you have not signed up for the, you are missing one of the best evolutions of Web 2.0 technology ever for Music Educators.  Sign up for a free account today:

For all of you celebrating the coming Holidays,  I wish you the best!

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