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In case you are one of those people that “live under a rock”.  Today is the day of the first-ever Music Education and Technology Online Summit.  This incredible and innovative event is bringing together, for the first time, music education experts to present seminars in an online virtual forum and conference (FREE).  Sponsored by, this is an event that is going to have long term implications for how “we” view and present  professional development in music education.

If you were not able to sign up for the event, you can still follow the event online via live coverage and take advantage of the great moderating skills of a number of individuals.  Thomas West, one of the official CoverItLive moderators, provides the following information (via his METOS landing page) about participating in today’s momentous event via Twitter and CoverItLive:

Official METOS Conference Room Live Blogs

To read content on the conference sessions you are interested in, visit the live blog page that is associated with the METOS conference room that is hosting that session.

MENC Room: Tom West

ATMI Room: Justine Dolorfino

TI:ME Room: Andy Ritenour

SoundTree Room: Andy Zweibl

To find access these “live coverage” rooms easily, you may go to the METOS official site, and simply click on the words “live coverage” underneath the rooms (Click to Enlarge):

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Follow And Contribute To METOS On Twitter

You can also follow what is going on in sessions by following some hashtags on Twitter. If you are attending the sessions, your tweets on these hashtags will automatically be added to the appropriate live blog page!

Official METOS2010 Hashtag: #metos2010

MENC Conference Room: #metosmenc

Get involved today!   Most of the sessions and the materials will also be available soon after the event itself is over at

Enjoy and Start Learning!

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