Today was a memorable day for Music Education!  With the successful accomplishment of our first online music education conference (METOS -Music Education and Technology Online Summit), history was made!  A very special thanks to Dr. Jim Frankel and SoundTree for providing this priceless event for Music Educators everywhere!

In case you missed the event, you may still found out about it directly here:

SoundTree will soon be posting these events and Webinars for you to experience online in the case that you missed them.  There were twenty presentations in all at the summit!  All presenters were “world class” and you will want to see all of the presentations when they are available (I’ll post the direct link here when it is available).

In addition to the presenters, a team of pioneers in “Web 2.0” and online music education gurus “live blogged” each event!  You may see their live blogs of every presentation by checking out each of the METOS rooms’ “landing page”:

MENC Room: Tom West

ATMI Room: Justine Dolorfino

TI:ME Room: Andy Ritenour

SoundTree Room: Andy Zweibl

My presentation was held in the “Sound Tree” room and was titled “Personal/Professional Learning Networks for Music Educators and Online Professional Development”. Despite a few minor glitches and @thomasjwest blasting a 30 second rendition of  “All the Single Ladies (In Mayberry)” during my seminar (in what will forever be remembered as the “Fife Fiasco” or “Opie Incident”), everything went well!

You may view my presentation slides directly via AuthorStream:

View the Presentation PPT:

Download the PDF of this presentation directly here:
[Download PDF]

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