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Sticking the Landing After the Big Leap Forward – “Four very short weeks ago, the band program at Mercer took a big leap as we started our year with a unit on chamber music that culminated in our Fall Chamber Recital.  Over twenty different selections were presented in the recital ranging from Handel, Haydn, and Mozart to Sousa, and John Williams.  You can read a full copy of the program notes and performance order by clicking here (a pdf will open in a new window (student names for security reasons have been removed, but instrumentation is identified).  During the next week, all 150 students in the band program will be taking a survey (created by Google Docs) on their chamber music experience.  The statements which the students are asked to respond to were created by some of my colleagues at Grove City College, Thiel College, Westminster College, and Slippery Rock University.  The students will use a Likert scale to respond to 16 different statements related to their chamber music performance in addition to the usual demographic information (gender, grade, ensemble). Some observations and thoughts about the unit from my perspective as teacher that was interesting to consider: …”

Beginning Theory & Other Skills Links – “There’s so much great information and exercises available on line for basic music skills and beginning music theory. To make it easier for my students, I sorted through a few sites to create a pdf of links categorized by subject, rhythms, treble clef, bass clef, etc. Most of the links are from Adam Ricci’s ( and Karen Garrett’s Music Techie Teacher (  When I use these with my high school students, I need to preface my use of Karen’s materials with a little talk about the available materials for beginning music theory. Most of it is made for elementary school aged kids. I don’t mean to insult their intelligence or treat them like little kids. I just think these materials are more engaging and interesting than making them do worksheets in class. Don’t tell my students but the truth is they are kids and they love games. Yes, these are simple games but they love playing them anyway! They are engaged and learning. That’s what counts.  I hope you find this list helpful…”

Leadership Announced at the Music Education Professional Learning Network – “…“The mission of the MPLN is to generate better, more accessible,  information about music, education, and technology and to freely encourage dialogs from Music Educators through social media outlets.” Officially titled the  ”Steering Group”, this committee will be responsible in helping us build and maintain the site, as well as helping to develop creative and long-term strategic ideas for it.   As always, I am humbled to work along side such a talented and educated group of individuals.   Please join me in welcoming the new leadership! …”

Music Education 2.0 – “Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz about the exciting turns music education is taking. Utilizing web 2.0 tools and applications, music educators are finding it easier to discuss and collaborate with each other about music education regardless of distance. These tools are becoming more and more like an online classroom for teachers and students everyday. Unfortunately, a newcomer to these technologies will feel quite overwhelmed when trying to become part of this online community. That is where MusicEdMajor.Net comes in! This article will explain the basics of starting to learn with the ever-growing, online community of music educators. Included are basic overviews of multiple ways Web 2.0 is being used for music education collaboration. MANY articles are linked to as well to give you an more in-depth view of the specific categories including Twitter, #MusEdChat, Music Education Blogging and RSS Feeds, iSchoolBand, and Webinars…”

Microphone Placement – “Microphone placement? I just put the mics in front of the performers and everything seems fine.  What more do I need to know?  Well, as outlined in the book How Recording Works from the Recording Institute of Detroit, there are a few things you should pay attention to: 1.  Proximity Effect – Defined as an increase in bass frequency output when the mic is placed a foot or less away from the instrument.  When placed 1/4 inch away from an instrument, the low-bass frequencies are picked up about four times louder than they should be.  This will basically sound like you have turned the bass control on a stereo up all the way.  Even if the instrument sounds good, the proximity effect will make a recording sound muddy.  Some microphones have permanent or switchable “bass roll-off” which should be engaged when placing a mic closer than around 8 inches from your sound source…”

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