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The new Music Education Blog Carnival was created and is maintained by Dr. Joseph Pisano of  Its function is to promote the great work being done by Music Education Bloggers across the Internet.  The carnival seeks to provide a free online avenue that provides useful Music Education materials and information to the Internet community while providing greater exposure for those writing these great blogs.

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October 2010 Music Education Blog Carnival:

Congratulations to all those that submitted entries and were selected for this month’s Music Education Blog Carnival.  I hope you enjoy reading all of these great posts from some of the finest Music Education Bloggers.  If you get a chance please leave a comment on their page(s) to let them know you appreciate their time and efforts!

Music Education

Eugene Cantera presents Music to Our Ears – Bravo Philip Ball! posted at Discover, Learn, Play.

Natalie Wickham presents New (School) Year Resolutions posted at Music Matters Blog, saying, “This fabulous list of 10 resolutions will inspire you and get you thinking about what you can do to set and achieve your own goals. Let the creative juices flow and make an effort to pursue some personal projects that will in turn infuse your teaching with greater enthusiasm and vision!”

Andrew Ritenour presents Join the Web 2.0 Music Classroom! posted at

Carol Broos presents Let Students Fly Faster In Composition ? Get Out Of Their Wayposted at Be A Techie:), saying, “Let students compose!”

Eric Rasmussen, PhD presents Teach Music to Kids! posted at Teach Music to Kids!.

Jim Edwards presents You Can Sing In Tune! posted at, saying, “It’s simple to teach a non-singer to sing on Tune. Here’s how.”

Music Pedagogy

Samuel Wright presents Sumer Is Icumen In (via Howard Goodall) posted at Wright-Stuff Music, saying, “A simple way to provide accompaniment to tunes for the classroom.”

Chad Criswell presents Recommended Tools and Gadgets For Teachers of Beginning Band Students – Music Education Magic | Music Education Magic | Tools, posted at Tales From The Podium.

Music Performance

Samuel Wright presents Pirates of the Caribbean for Guitar Ensemble posted atWright-Stuff Music, saying, “Guitar Ensemble arrangements using themes from Pirates of the Caribbean! All in scorch format.”

Music Software/Hardware

Samuel Wright presents Guitar TAB Applications posted at Wright-Stuff Music, saying, “Guitarists in schools everywhere rely on TAB. Get them to use TAB programs to listen and compose (legally) and teachers can use these programs to arrange works for class by exporting as MIDI into Sibelius or Finale.”

Music Technology

Lindsay Morelli presents The Audio Engineer – A Jack of All Trades posted at Lindsay

Joseph Pisano presents Challenge: Ten Minutes of Music Development a day posted at MusTech.Net.

Music Tips

Mike Saville presents 20 ways to practice with your metronome | How To Practice posted at How To Practice.

Mitch McLeod presents The Highway to Fame – The Go-To Site for Every Musician posted at The Highway To Fame For Musicians, saying, “This article was written to provide musicians with some tips for overcoming the inevitable “wall” that they will reach. If the music they are playing or creating is sounding the same and uninspired, this has some ideas to get past this phase.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of music education blog carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts may be found on our blog carnival index page.

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