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Monday’s Music Quote: Arnold Bennett ~ “Its language is a language which the soul alone understands, but which the soul can never translate. “

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Insight from an instrumental parent: helping our children succeed – “…I recently had a discussion with Ken Pendergrass about my 4th grader who has recently started alto saxophone.  Since I now have all three of my children involved in Seattle Public schools music programs I thought I’d share my perspective with you.  My oldest child plays trumpet and just entered Garfield marching, concert, and jazz bands.  My middle child is in Washington Middle School’s senior orchestra playing violin.  What has worked (or not) for my kids playing instruments? They need to be self motivated.  I think their motivation primarily comes from wanting to play a particular instrument.  So it’s good to let them make their own choice for an instrument based on factors important to them.  It’s probably a good idea to have some discussions with your child before they walk into the room full of instruments and perhaps make an impulse choice…”

Tech Innovations in Music Education –  Great review of a #musedchat by David Ahrens: “The topic chosen for discussion recently on the Twitter hashtag #MusEdChat was: “What innovations in Music Education have occurred over the last 10 years? What impact has it had on teachers/students?”  There have been PLENTY of innovations recently. I thought I would write a reflection on the topic in a forum that allows more complete ideas…”

1:1 Initiatives in Education? Talk to a Music Teacher – “This week Apple released a video highlighting Chris Lehmann’s school and their 1:1 initiative. Congratulations to Chris and the students at the Science Leadership Academy who are clearly engaged and excited about their educational journey. Their story got me thinking about why 1:1 initiatives succeed or fail. There’s a lot at stake here, both financially and otherwise, so I think ongoing discussion is essential…”

Balancing Work & fun – “In the course of my first few weeks at the new job, I have found myself once again asking if I push my students too hard. This comes from a strange happening in my Jr. High group in which about 3 or 4 students have dropped band all together and several more (and their parents) have been discussing dropping band with the guidance counselor. I should mention that I did away with a study hall that the Jr. High Band used to have built into their schedule – this has become most students’ reasons for wanting to drop. I’m not convinced that this is the sole reason, however. But these students (and subsequent discussions with the guidance counselor) have made me think once again about the work ethic that I impose on my students…”

Train Man – Jason Heath regals with another tale of his life as a traveling Musician and educator: “Moving to Hyde Park put me substantially further from my high school teaching job. What used to be a 50 mile round trip has mushroomed into a 92 mile marathon through the entire Chicago metropolitan area.  Fortunately, living in Hyde Park has put me closer to downtown Chicago, with it’s many options for public transit, and I have worked out my schedule to be able to take the train to and from work most days. It’s kind of a convoluted sequence I go through to get my day going–take the South Shore Metra downtown, hike it across the Loop to Union Station, take the train northwest to Libertyville, and then walk to school. It also takes a lot longer to get to and from where I’m going on the train than it does when I’m driving outside of the rush hour time window–driving takes about an hour, while the train is pushing the two hour mark after transferring and the like…”

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