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Peter Hofman and I are PLEASED to announce the official launch of the NEW BuddyStream BuddyPress/WordPress plugin.  You may start using this plugin today!

This plugin goes a long way to “minimize” and “close the gap” of communication between and among various Social Networks and WordPress/Buddypress.   Officially released as the BuddyStream plugin ver 1.0.1 , you may find it directly here:


Visit the site:  http://buddystream.net

About BuddyStream:

BuddyStream is a BuddyPress plugin that will synchronize all of your favorite Social Networks to the BuddyPress activity stream. The plugin is easy to set-up, operate, and for your members to use.
Each Social Network has its own admin panel where you can see which users are using the network, view cool statistics, and manage the advanced filtering settings.
Social Networks that the plugin currently supports:
– Twitter
– Facebook
– Flickr
– Youtube
– Last.fm

You may support future enhancement and support of this plugin by giving back today!  Visit our Support and Funding page:


This plugin is “fresh out of the box” and in the BETA stage; we realize that there will be a number of issues arise.    Please check this page for more information about current support from us.


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