Prof. V. Keith Mason from Belmont University and I have officially agreed to team-up and do this year’s podcasts at MusicTechForMe.Com.   I am very excited for the opportunity to work with him and for our new podcast format.   Keith is a fantastic musician, composer, teacher,  and technologist and well, … I’m not too “shabby” either! :)   

We literally just finished the recording of the first podcast 15 minutes before I posted this and it will be “up” shortly…  This podcast series  will be “simulposted” (is that a word? … is now!)  at MusicTechForMe.Com and MusTech.Net.   The format is being altered significantly to include a number of changes:

  • Shorter in Length -30 minutes MAX!
  • The Podcast will be a “live” recording… i.e.  almost no cut-edits “fly by the seat of your pants, live radio stuff!”
  • Even more lively and more fun!
  • We are aiming to have an outside guest every episode or at the least every-other!
  • Emphasis on the inclusion of topics that are “cutting-edge” and practitioner relevant
  • … and a whole bunch more coming surprises!

Keith will be posting more information about the upcoming website at his Website… expect the flagship/launch episode to be posted in the next 2-3 days… and, as always, this Podcast will remain FREE!  Get Ready, Here WE come!


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