MPLN LogoI am pleased to announce the New Leadership of the Music Education Professional Learning Network (MPLN).  The MPLN was officially launched on July 18th of 2010 and its music education related membership is nearing 1,000.

The MPLN  was specifically developed for music educators, pre-service music teachers, and teaching musicians of any kind.   As its base framework, it incorporates the BuddyPress and WordPress Social Networking (SN) platforms, but also includes integrations with Twitter, FaceBook, and other existing SN platforms.  As a SN platform, this site seeks to promote elongated discussions about important topics facing music educators today.

The mission of the MPLN is to generate better, more accessible,  information about music, education, and technology and to freely encourage dialogs from Music Educators through social media outlets.”

Officially titled the  “Steering Group”, this committee will be responsible in helping us build and maintain the site, as well as helping to develop creative and long-term strategic ideas for it.   As always, I am humbled to work along side such a talented and educated group of individuals.   Please join me in welcoming the new leadership!

Meet the Music PLN (MPLN) Steering Group:

The steering group is comprised of some of very best musicians, educators, and technology integrators.  They are responsible for helping to maintain the utility, focus, and creative development of the site (Scroll down for biographies):

Music PLN Leadership:

Executive Committee:

Founder/Managing Director:  Dr. Joseph Pisano
Associate Director: Dr. James Frankel
Associate Director: Barbara Freedman

Steering Group:

Site Technology Committee:

Co-Chair Andy Zweibel
Co-Chair Justine Dolorfino

The Technology committee works with the needs of the Web platform itself including: issues with the site, graphics, updates, modifications, etc.

Editing and Quality Control Committee:

Chair: Mary Elizabeth

The Editing and Quality Control Committee will minimize the effect of typos and ineffective web-design for the membership.

Membership and Groups Committee:

Co-Chair: Brian Wis
Co-Chair: Thomas West

The Groups Committee will encourage people to become active moderators for each group, answer questions from members, make decision about new groups, direct traffic to appropriate groups, and encourage members to engage in discussion.

Pre-Secondary School Music Committee:

Co-Chair: Amy M. Burns
Co-Chair: Yoon Soo Lim

The Elementary/Middle School Committee will ensure that we are meeting the needs of pre-secondary members and bring focus to issues that are pertinent to them.

Secondary Music Committee:

Co-Chair: Brandt Schneider
Co-Chair: Doug Butchy

The Secondary School Music Committee will ensure that we are meeting the needs of the secondary members and bring focus to issues that are pertinent to them.

College/University/Research Committee:

Chair: Dr. Rick Dammers

The College/University/Research Committee will ensure that we are meeting the needs of the members and bring focus to issues that are pertinent to them and the field.

Music Advocacy Committee:

Chair: Marcia Neel

The Music Advocacy Committee will ensure that we are indeed advocating music through the use of the and focus on bringing and discussing relevant issues to/with our members.

Music Technology Committee:

Chair: Richard McCready

The Music Technology  Committee will ensure that we are meeting the needs of the relevant members asking about and discussing music technology and will bring to focus issues that are perteninet to the them and the field.

International Committee:

Chair: Katie Wardrobe

The International Committee will help the reach beyond the borders of the United States and create opportunities and encourage the discussion and educational matters of importance from any country on the


Are you a music educator?  Join the MPLN today (it’s FREE)!

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